Investment Management – Then and Now

Through the years, Investment management has gained attention and developed into a new norm in the business and dominated the investment management business. But aren’t you curious how it all started? Really – how did the investment management worked from the past and now – the present?

Before, two significantly changes happened in the investment situation in the mid-1960s. Pension assets had become quite large, and having so much money with one manager was questionable. In addition, the performance of bank trust departments had been given more importance because of investment counselors. Investment counselors look for the output of that performance because of some workers that are underperforming. These changes in the situation of investment started a string of another changes and development, mainly because of investors seeking specialist managers to handle their investment properly.

Technology is one of the reasons that our world continues to reinforce the saying that “the only thing constant in this world is change”. Technology is very progressive; it continues to evolve every day. Science and Technology influences people’s way of thinking or how they do something, that’s why in Investment Management, it’s not surprising that people came up with innovative strategies. The new ideas and strategies developed in Investment Management helps investment companies sustain their competitive advantage over their competitors.


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